Bitcoin price began a downward correction below the USD 45,500 support. BTC even broke the $ 45,000 mark and extended its decline. It is currently (04:00 UTC) trading well below $ 45,000 and could extend losses below $ 44,000.

Likewise, most of the major altcoins are slowly moving down. ETH traded below the USD 3,050 and USD 3,000 support levels. XRP is consolidating above the $ 1.05 and $ 1.08 support levels. Conversely, ADA outperformed with a sharp move above the USD 2.00 resistance.

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Bitcoin price

Recently, Bitcoin price saw bearish moves below $ 45,500 and $ 45,000. It even settled below the USD 45,000 pivot level. Immediate support is near the USD 44,000 zone. A downside break below $ 44,000 could slide the price towards $ 43,200. The next big support is near the USD 42,000 mark.

On the flip side, an initial hurdle is close to the $ 44,800 level. The first major resistance is near the USD 45,000 mark. The main resistance is now forming near the $ 45,500 level, above which the price could hit $ 47,000 again.

Ethereum price

Ethereum price is slowly gaining below the USD 3,050 support. ETH was trading below $ 3,000 and is approaching the $ 2,950 support. If the downside break below $ 2,950, the price could accelerate down towards $ 2,880 or even $ 2,850.

Immediate resistance is near the $ 3,020 mark. The first major resistance is at $ 3,050, above which the price could test the $ 3,110 pivot level.

ADA, LTC, DOGE and XRP prices

Cardano (ADA) stayed well above the USD 1.92 support. As a result, ADA began rising again above the $ 2.00 resistance. It is up over 8% and there has been a significant break above the $ 2.10 level. Further gains could move the price towards $ 2.20.

Litecoin (LTC) fell below the USD 172 support and tested the USD 165 zone. If the bears stay in the action, the price could slide towards the main support zone of $ 155. Conversely, the price could attempt a recovery wave above the USD 170 and USD 172 levels.

Dogecoin (DOGE) rose below the USD 0.288 and USD 0.285 support levels before bids were found. It started another spike and climbed above the USD 0.300 resistance. Initial resistance is near $ 0.312, above which price could revisit the $ 0.335 resistance zone.

The XRP price is settled below the pivot level of USD 1.20. However, the bulls are now protecting the USD 1.05 and USD 1.08 support levels. As long as the price is above $ 1.05, there could be a new wave above the $ 1.20 resistance zone.

Different Altcoins Market Today

Some altcoins are up over 10%, namely LUNA, AVAX, ATOM, AR, PERP, AUDIO, VGX, FTM, QNT and XDC. Of these, LUNA rebounded 30%, surpassing the $ 30 mark.

Overall, Bitcoin price is showing some bearish signs below the USD 45,500 and USD 45,000 support levels. If BTC extends its decline below $ 44,000, it could hit $ 42,000 again.

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Bitcoin and Ethereum are struggling while Cardano is above USD 2 101.  increases


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