Microsoft has announced that it will fight piracy with the help of blockchain technology. According to a publication Microsoft wants to use a blockchain-based incentive system from the company’s research department.

Under the title “Argus: A Fully Transparent Incentive System for Anti-Piracy Campaigns”, the paper presents a new system that offers a trustworthy mechanism and at the same time protects data. Argus is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. According to the paper:

“We see this as a distributed system problem … During implementation, we overcome a number of inevitable obstacles in order to guarantee security despite full transparency.”

Microsoft’s Argus system will use the Ethereum blockchain to trace all pirated content back to its original source using an appropriate watermarking algorithm. The system will also incorporate a “leak detection” feature for reports of leaked content so that only the owner can report a watermarked copy.

In March last year, Microsoft filed a patent for a new cryptocurrency and mining system. In a publication titled “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data,” Microsoft states that the new mining system uses a person’s physical activity instead of mining rigs and other related equipment.

The document also states that it would not always require a lot of activity. It states that activities such as “viewing an ad or using certain Internet services” can be sufficient.

Photo credit: Pixabay


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