Ridiculous comments

Re: “Patrick draws the heat on the remark – blaming Dems for preventing black Texans from getting vaccines,” Saturday News.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick appeared on Fox News and made the most ridiculous comments yet. Blaming the Democrats for not encouraging black Texans to get vaccinated is outrageous! The pandemic is a public health crisis that has become heavily politicized. Everyone, regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, or immigrant status, should be encouraged to receive the vaccine. Reason, common sense, and science are the ways to get out of this pandemic.

Rich Gaca, basement

Corrosive remarks

The remarks made by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who associate the rise in Texas COVID cases with the black community, is simply and emphatically divisive and caustic. He was chosen to serve the entire electorate, not just his base.

Unless our political leaders stop playing the party game to the limit, we will not make the progress necessary to improve the lives of all Texans.

Does anyone else believe that we “should understand before we are understood?”

Arnold E. Holtberg, Dallas

Paxton simplifies voting

I would like to personally thank Attorney General Ken Paxton for compiling a list of heroes in Texas who had the courage to oppose the politically motivated ban on Governor Greg Abbott’s mask mandate. On Election Day, remember that these school and local government leaders are the ones who take care of the lives of you and your children, not our attorney general and governor.

Paul Sokal, Dallas

Marie Antoinette moment

Thank you to the Texas Supreme Court, responsible parents, and sensible school authorities for refusing to comply with Governor Greg Abbott’s ban on masking obligations. For now, Texas students can avoid Abbott’s Marie Antoinette moment: have the kids eat COVID-infused air droplets (while the governor enjoys his monoclonal antibodies). Vive la resistance!

Mary Beth Miles, East Dallas

Parents shout at children

Re: “Masked Melee Combat Stokes Confusion – Texas’ Recent Spate of Litigation Disrupts Start of School Year,” Aug. 17 News.

After having three children at highland park schools and currently three grandchildren, I was appalled by the story in the board meeting that discussed masks. How can parents incite children or adults to the contrary view? What a way to lead by example for your own child.

Marilyn Harbison, Dallas

Consider substituting teachers

I read that Dallas ISD is offering a $ 500 scholarship to full-time teachers and staff receiving the COVID vaccination. I trust this will help curb the spread, but I think this policy should be revised to cover replacement instructors, at least for long-term subs as they are also exposed. For the purposes of full disclosure, I am not a substitute teacher.

Bob Smith, North Dallas

Members of society

Parents say they should choose what is right for their child. There are many cases when we cannot make up our minds: car seats; Speed ​​limits; Using life-saving medical measures or refusing to stop life-sustaining measures. Why don’t we have the last word on every matter? Because to live as a member of society means to accept the common good.

Cathy Lauer, Dallas / Oak Cliff

Follow the court rulings

I suppose some will welcome the Dallas ISD’s decision to ignore the Texas Supreme Court decision supporting Governor Greg Abbott and his mask-wearing policy. You can agree or disagree with the Texas Supreme Court, but they have spoken. It is a shame to openly ignore the verdict by saying, “The case did not involve us”.

I am old enough to remember when school system leaders said the same thing about Brown vs. Board of Education and defied the US Supreme Court in its efforts to integrate schools.

Some may applaud this decision by the school system and welcome their act of “civil disobedience,” but keep in mind that at some point their leaders may choose to ignore a law or decision with which you agree. We live in a nation where we don’t choose which laws apply to us.

Barry Johnson, Dallas

Boots on the floor

No vaccines, no masks, no mandates. Governor Greg Abbott, you can do better. At least the heads of government who are closest to the people will be able to do their work. The cities, counties, school districts and state universities – the boots on the ground in the COVID fight. I can remember a time when Republicans actually believed in local government.

John Keohane, Austin

What is this legal currency?

Re: “Frisco brother, sister made my thoughts – Duo’s project conquers Ethereum, second only to Bitcoin,” Thursday News.

I never understood cryptocurrency until I read this article about two Frisco kids mining Ethereum. The key phrase is, “If the computers guess the right code, they’ll get a bitcoin.” My first thought was a slot machine. My second thought was a video game. How can this be viewed as any kind of legal currency? Nobody has to work or do more than spend some money and energy to buy the processors and graphics code.

Phyllis Rogers, The Colony

Freight forwarders do a tough job

I recently received an email from The Dallas Morning News about tipping my news channel as the weather is really hot. I give my carrier a very good tip, but I have to ask if The News pays their carriers adequately? You’re out there in the dark, in the rain, in the cold and in the heat. Tips don’t make up for bad wages. We see this in a big debate in the catering industry.

So please pay well to all of the people who bring us the news every day and who often make our lives easier by keeping the newspaper on the porch, on the sidewalk, or even being brought to someone in person. My brother was a Houston newspaper carrier as a teenager, so I know how hard the work is.

Dana Mathews, North Dallas

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