ATLANTA, August 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / –AQRE, a Canadian company best known for the AQRE app and its technology-centric approach to real estate, has announced that it is shifting its focus to building a new real estate platform, AQRE Home, which will be used in August 2021. That decision was made after months of increases in Ethereum gas fees caused a delay in the restart of the company’s flagship product, the AQRE app. The company believes this shift will be beneficial in the long run as it allows time for market corrections Libra coin offers additional investment opportunities and begins a new phase of growth with new product offerings.

The AQRE team is a group of technology enthusiasts who recognized the need for digital currencies in the real estate industry. When the company launched its initial Libra coin Token offer in November 2018 and set up his investment app in such a way that it pays dividends at ETH, the market conditions for such a project were far more optimal. Two years later, high gas fees and a volatile cryptocurrency environment made this shift in focus necessary. The change to a new platform does not represent a major shift in the overall strategy of AQRE, but a natural further development.

“Based on the news from Ethereum, we believe gas fees will return to manageable levels at some point,” said CEO Ronice Harrison, “But for the time being, the high transaction costs have led to a significant change in plan. With AQRE Home we have built a new real estate product that doesn’t rely on Ethereum without diverting our focus from our values ​​of transparency and accessibility, or decentralization within real estate. “

The new product, AQRE Home, is just the youngest member of the AQRE ecosystem, consisting of AQRE App, AQRE Lending and Libra coin. In contrast to the fractional real estate investments at the core of the AQRE app, AQRE Home Libra coin Owners a new platform for buying, selling and renting real estate with their tokens, dollars (USD) or bitcoins.

For real estate professionals and homeowners alike, the AQRE Home platform enables all aspects of renting or selling or buying real estate to be managed from one place.

“We always believe in delivering as much value as possible to our users,” added Harrison. “That is why we are renewing the real estate sector with a new product line, starting with AQRE Home.”

The AQRE team hopes the new platform will give users the ability to stay connected with the company while they wait for market corrections, as well as providing the extra time it takes for the AQRE app to restart smoothly.

To learn more about AQRE’s updated line of products, stay up to date with the latest developments from the company and visit the company blog at

Ronice Harrison

Chief Executive Officer, AQRE Home

1-844-424-2773 port 6

[email protected]

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