Getart Marketplace now has access to a tamper-proof and fully transparent random source for NFT freebies by integrating Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized database system.

As a result, consumers can now count on the same chance for rewards, resulting in a more exciting, open and deceptive customer experience. This allows users to use GAX to take part in regular competitions.

Getart Marketplace NFT integrates Chainlink VRF in the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet for a neutral and impartial member selection process for network giveaways has made the news.

Getart NFT requires access to the secured random number generator (RNG), which can be freely checked by every customer in order to guarantee an unbiased drawing. On the other hand, RNG solutions for smart contracts require security concerns to avoid exploitation and maintain the integrity of the system for future operations.

Getart NFT selected Chainlink VRF after evaluating several options. It focuses on cutting-edge academic research backed by Chainlink’s proven Oracle power grid. It is protected by the generation and on-chain confirmation of cryptographic evidence that ensures the validity of any random number supplied to payment systems.

Chainlink VRF generates both a random number and a cryptographic proof by mixing block data, which are still undetermined when called, with the pre-determined encryption key of the Oracle node. Getart NFT’s smart contract would only consider real cryptographic evidence for the randomly generated input. The cryptography proof could only be created if the VRF method is tamper-proof. This provides customers with an automatic and verified assurance that Getart NFT is demonstrably impartial and that the oracle, outside organizations, or Getart NFT employees cannot interfere.

Chainlink offers a comprehensive range of interoperability and security. This is just the beginning of future integrations and growth.

We selected Chainlink because it is the largest and most powerful VRF option that has been developed and that offers confidence and security to all of our users.

The Getart team.

Now let’s take a quick look at Chainlink and Getart –

The industry standard Oracle system for hybridized payment systems is Chainlink. Developers can use the Chainlink Decentralized Database Network to enhance the capabilities of payment systems in any chain by accessing the widest range of high quality data sources and secure off-chain computations. Getart, on the other hand, is a state-of-the-art, technically sophisticated system that allows you to create virtual works of art with NFTs at a very low cost. The owner of an NFT can submit an offer in the NFT market of the Getart system to exchange his NFT for real money.


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