The Ethereum blockchain split again due to a bug in the GETH software client like the most popular client on the network and eventually created a fork. So let’s read more in our latest Ethereum news.

Despite the fix to the geth client on Tuesday, most users failed to update to the latest version and this eventually resulted in a fork on the network. The bug in the blockchain’s most popular client created a fork in the network, meaning that the Ethereum blockchain is now processing two chains at the same time, which, if not resolved, could cause a double-spend attack. A double spend attack means that the same cryptocurrency is issued twice and one cryptocurrency is converted into a counterfeit, inflating the asset and decreasing the value of the token.

A chain split has occurred in the Ethereum mainnet. The problem was fixed in the previously announced version 1.10.8. Please update your nodes if you haven’t already!

– Go Ethereum (@go_ethereum) August 27, 2021

The bug in question is present in the older version of the client or in those that were released before the Geth v1.10.8 update called “Hades Gamma”. The developers of Ethereum announced the bug on August 18th, while the client is software that users can download and check transactions on the network. The software is used to run nodes and the more nodes the network has, the more decentralized the bitcoin network is, so the bitcoin network has the most odes per bitnodes at 11,858. There are currently 5289 Ethereum nodes and the Geth client is the most popular software with 3947 users.

PSA: On Tuesday, August 24th, Geth will release a hotfix for a high severity security issue. Please make all necessary preparations for the upgrade to the upcoming version (v.1.10.8). #ethereum #geth

– Go Ethereum (@go_ethereum) August 18, 2021

The split of the Ethereum blockchain took place with 74% of the network using the Geth client and 73% of them using an older version of the client insect. While the bug was identified a week ago, the Hades Gamma update was made available and launched on Tuesday, so today’s fork suggests that many users had to update their clients, as Tim Beiko said:

“The bug is serious in that it caused a chain split, but the impact on the Ethereum mainnet was negligible as the vast majority of customers had upgraded.”

A pie chart of all Ethereum clients. Source

The development team behind the Go Ethereum client announced that the issue has been fixed in the recently announced version V1.01.8 and urged those using older clients to update. The network has suffered similar forks in the past and the second largest client, Open Ethereum, suffered a bug where the clients would not sync with the network, meaning the nodes that this client was running on couldn’t use the blockchain until the error was fixed. Ethereum forked again in 2020 as GEh users failed to update their nodes. In each of the previous chain split cases, the result of nodes not being able to update software clients in a timely manner, the problem was resolved, and users were updating their software.

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