Bitcoin and Ethereum triggered a cascading effect in the broader market as the coins were above $ 48,000 and $ 3,238.42, respectively. Polkadot rose 4.7% preparing to test the $ 26.74 resistance level, while Litecoin also flashed bullish as it neared its immediate price cap of $ 180.87.

Ethereum (ETC)

ETH / USD, TradingView

Ethereum made up 3.9% of its recent losses over the past 24 hours and prices stood at $ 3,238.42. After seeing a positive price reversal, ETH broke the resistance level of USD 3,235.61. It could retest the $ 3352.89 level with a sustained uptrend. Technical parameters indicated a positive price development.

Relative Strength Index stood above the half-line after the pressure to buy had resurrected. Corresponding, Chaikin money flow was also seen in the bullish area above the midline as capital inflows increased.

MACD went through a bullish crossover and flashed green bars on its histogram. In the event that ETH experiences a further decline, support levels await at USD 3083 and USD 2880.70, respectively.

Polkadot (DOT)

Ethereum, Polkadot and Litecoin Price Analysis: August 28th

DOT / USD, TradingView

The DOT was up 4.7% on its chart in the past 24 hours to trade at $ 25.94. The alt was trading near its immediate resistance of $ 26.74. If it breaks above the $ 26.74 mark, it could try to test the $ 28.94 mark.

The indicators for DOT remained bullish. MACD showed green histograms while purchasing power recovered as the Relative Strength Index climbed over the half-line.

Bollinger bands, however, presented the chances of area-bound movement as the indicator remained narrowed. Prices could fluctuate between $ 26.74 and $ 23.31 if the above assumption is true.

On the flip side, if the DOT loses positive momentum, it could land at the $ 23.31 and $ 20.20 support levels.

Litecoin (LTC)

Ethereum, Polkadot and Litecoin Price Analysis: August 28th

LTC / USD, TradingView

Litecoin traded for $ 174.90 after appreciating 3.4% since the previous day. The token was preparing to approach its immediate resistance of $ 180.87. If it fell, the coin could trade near the $ 188.70 mark.

This price recovery was reflected in LTC’s technical data. MACD watched green bars on his histogram. Great oscillator green signal bars displayed to confirm a price recovery.

Relative Strength Index climbed to over 50 due to upward pressure on purchasing power. If buying pressure does not recover, the support zone for LTC can be as high as $ 161.19 and $ 148.33, respectively.


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