In June 2021, Ventures invested in the digital asset $ LUNA. In addition, we are pleased to now operate a new validation node for the Terra network.

In addition to this investment, has also joined Terra’s recently announced $ 150 million Terra Ecosystem Fund, which provides access to deals and communication with projects creating apps, protocols or tools on the Terra network.

Terra is a high performance blockchain based on the Cosmos SDK and the Tendermint consensus mechanism. The Terra Protocol employs a series of algorithmic, fiat-linked stablecoins that underpin a thriving ecosystem designed to provide real functionality and value to its users. LUNA, Terra’s native staking and governance asset, absorbs the short-term volatility of Terra’s stablecoins suite. Demand for Terras stablecoins such as USD (UST) and Korean Won (KRT) is driven by the utility and uses of products in Terra’s rapidly growing ecosystem of more than 60 applications due to hit the market after the Columbus 5 upgrade .

As more and more users use apps like Mirror (Synthetic Asset Trading), Anchor (High Yield Savings), Pylon (Principal Protected Payments) and beyond, stablecoins are needed and therefore more must be minted. LUNA is burned when new stablecoins are minted, reducing the fully diluted supply. With the introduction of more apps like Mars Protocol, Levana, Astroport and Alice Finance, we envision that more features will bring more users into the ecosystem. The demand for stablecoins is likely to follow.

“Terra has proven itself in payment transactions via its stablecoin-based Chai payment app, which now has millions of users. They developed important financial primitives like Anchor & Mirror. The ecosystem has evolved into a full, permissionless Layer-1 with a burgeoning third-party developer ecosystem, ”said Samuel Harrison, Managing Partner, Ventures. “We want to support the Terra ecosystem, that’s why we’re joining the Ecosystem Fund and running our own validator.”

Terra has quickly evolved into a global, internet-native network of applications, developers, users, and supporters who pioneered financial innovation and inclusivity for the masses. Terra DeFi’s total banned value now exceeds $ 6 billion. We pride ourselves on supporting the mass adoption of crypto applications and a growing DeFi ecosystem.


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