The Ethereum network suffered a chain split as some validators performed operations on the older versions of the Ethereum network. Client Geth was cut off from the main network.

This incident when the validators refused to update their software to suppress the effects of a failure on the network. The chain sharing was found to affect about 54% of the network as the Geth client hosts up to 75% of all Ethereum nodes, with about 73% running at the time of the fork.

According to a tweet from the Ethereum Foundation’s head of security, Martin Swende, tThe bug particularly affected v1.10.1 and earlier versions of Geth clients.

“A consensus bug hit the #ethereum mainnet today, exploiting the consensus bug that was fixed in Geth v1.10.8 … Fortunately, most of the miners have already been updated and the correct chain is also the longest (canon),” Tweet said Sweden that “it was a really close shave.

It is known that the Ethereum network always suffers from chain splits due to a bug in the Geth client. A similar event was observed in November 2020 and a different approach was taken to fix the bug behind the scenes.

Back then, the developers were blamed for the split, as many believe an upcoming update from the team would have fueled the update for most of the miners and prevented the break.

This time the error was mentioned for the first time a few days ago, and the calls for an update were not immediately followed by the miners. However, most mining pools, including Flexpool,, and Binance, have been notified and immediate action has been taken.

While thought leaders in the Ethereum ecosystem have advocated cooling transactions on Geth clients temporarily, the chain-sharing threat will be easily resolved if most validators update their software to the corrected version.

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