Naomi Osaka, a top professional tennis player from Japan, is almost getting into cryptocurrencies.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Osaka, the four-time single grand slam tennis champion, announced she was considering investing in cryptocurrency and said Dogecoin had piqued her interest.

Osaka has already dominated the world of tennis, winning four Grand Slam singles titles in the past three years and reaching the top tennis players in the world. She may now be looking for success in another industry that invests in cryptocurrency thanks to the trading performance of the Dogecoin meme cryptocurrency.

The top tennis player said that even though her agent suggested the idea of ​​crypto investing, she had already noticed some trending information on the social media buzz surrounding Dogecoin.

“I actually only talked to my agent about cryptocurrencies; I know everything is getting bigger and bigger online. I remember reading about Dogecoin … there will be something new and interesting that will come up. “

Osaka has already set foot in the crypto sector through NFT collectibles. In April, Osaka released a six-part collection of one-of-one NFTs in collaboration with her sister, Mari Osaka, a retired professional tennis player.

Osaka posted the newly signed collectibles on Tom Brady’s Autograph platform and sold them together for nearly $ 600,000. An NFT sold for $ 200,200, the hefty sum that was recently sold among the most expensive by a professional tennis player.

Why Invest in Doge?

Stimulated by Elon Musk and Reddit, the price of Dogecoin has risen by 5,700% to 27 cents per coin this year, but according to CoinDesk it is still 60% lower than it reached a high of around 70 cents in May. According to data from Coinbase Global, the trading volume of Dogecoin on the major cryptocurrency exchanges rose to almost 1 billion US dollars in one day in the second quarter.

Such returns are hard to ignore and many investors are struggling to get on the crypto train for more wealth. Some investors can make money with Dogecoin, especially those who have the extra cash and are willing to invest in the Meme crypto token.

Inspired by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, many investors have become millionaires after investing in Dogecoin.

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