This week, a project called Pleasrdao announced that a notable Doge Non-fungible Token (NFT) that sold in June 2021 for 1,696.9 ethers, or over $ 3.6 million at the time of sale, will be fractionated. At the time of sale, the Doge NFT was a historic sale and the owner of the NFT wants others to enjoy the property. In addition, Cryptopunk # 543 is also fractional and sold for $ 1 per share.

Fractionalization of the Doge NFT in $ DOG

A project called Pleasrdao plans to sell shards of the Doge NFT, which sold for nearly 1,700 ethers in June, which is now worth more than $ 6.3 million at today’s exchange rates. The organization’s web portal states: “Pleasrdao is a collective of Defi leaders, early NFT collectors and digital artists who have built an impressive but benevolent reputation for acquiring culturally significant pieces with a charitable touch.”

This week the project announced to the public that it would fractionate the Doge NFT, sold in June, and use fractional art. The announcement states that the shards of the NFT will be called “$ DOG” and that “anyone can own a percentage of the Doge NFT and a piece of this cornerstone of Internet history.”

“We’re excited to offer consumers the opportunity to purchase fractions of Doge, one of Pleasrdao’s most monumental NFTs,” said Jamis Johnson, Chief Pleasrdao Chief Pleasrdao in a statement to News. “Expanding $ DOG’s ownership beyond the DAO and to the wider public offers more inclusivity. Investing in the community would not be possible without the community itself, so we particularly look forward to giving something back by sharing with Doge. “

Otis fractionates Cryptopunk # 543

But the Pleasrdao idea has a lot of competition as there are a number of projects that aim to offer stakes in popular NFTs to the crypto community. In addition to Pleasrdao’s announcement, blockchain company Otis announced that it is selling Cryptopunk # 543 in a fractional manner.

Fractionalization of the Doge NFT, Cryptopunk 543 is hacked and sold for $ 1 per share

Cryptopunk # 543 is one of the oldest NFTs ever minted on the Ethereum blockchain, and Otis says the NFT is valued at $ 51,500. Investors can start trading Cryptopunk “for just $ 1 / share,” a representative from Otis told News.

These two projects aren’t the only organizations aiming to fractionate the hottest NFTs today. A recent report from News titled “Breaking NFTs to Pieces” shows two other different protocols that break down NFTs so that people can buy, trade, and sell NFT shards.

What do you think of Pleasrdao fractionating the iconic Doge NFT and fractionating Otis Cryptopunk # 543? Let us know what you think on this matter in the comments below.

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