Twitter may be working on an update that will allow tweeters to add their Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet addresses for tips about the Tip Jar. The leak was shared by a user on Twitter. A look at the screenshot shows that the tested beta version is on iOS.

Twitter had previously allowed users to add their PayPal, Cash app, Patreon, and other links to receive payments through Tip Jar. Hence, with the aim of enabling users to donate money to users who convey value through their tweets.

The possibility of the leak occurring is on the higher end, as Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, is known to have a keen interest in the crypto space. And his confirmation of developing a decentralized exchange platform for Bitcoin highlights the possibility of the update.

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Twitter Plus Bitcoin, this is where the revolution begins!

The crypto industry can experience a revolution if the leak occurs, considering the large user base on Twitter and the crypto space of around 206 million and around 221 million on the latter. Twitter is home to a large number of influential figures, including lawmakers from every nation. This can become a focus of the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in all nations.

Consequently, this will encourage authorities to better understand the crypto space. And could thus accelerate the need for necessary adjustments in the regulations. Twitter will prove to be the central platform for the industry to achieve greater acceptance. This will also boost digital coin prices. In addition to this, it will also help the user base get monetary perks.

In summary, it would add immense value to not just the crypto industry but the financial sector in general. New possibilities for the users might not be very pronounced. Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms, reaching users of all classes and beliefs. And so adding Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses would invite the new crowd straight into the room.

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