Crypto mining equipment and supplies company BlokForge announced the acquisition of Cryptouniverse, a major online mining distributor for Europe. The business expansion will expand bitcoin mining on a global scale.

This is good news for digital coin as China recently announced it would curb crypto mining in China. The country currently accounts for more than 65% of bitcoin mining worldwide.

“Bitcoin is the future,” said Nick Jackson, CEO and founder of BlokForge. “The world is adopting more and more decentralized money and it is important that crypto mining technology meets the growing demand.”

The acquisition will expand BlokForge’s influence in the crypto mining industry. With full control over the Cryptouniverse platform, BlokForge will oversee sales in the European market and further develop its global reach.

Cryptouniverse was founded in 2017 to distribute large-scale mining hardware and equipment in the European market. Like BlokForge, the company was a distributor for leading ASIC miner provider Canaan.

“The addition of the BlokForge brand will not only provide a broader platform for the distribution of Bitcoin mining hardware and accessories in the North Atlantic,” said Jackson, “but more importantly, Cryptouniverse will catalyze our ability to decentralize mining hardware to help, as our company’s core customer base ranges from individual miners to medium-sized farms. With the recent migration of miners out of China and away from coal-powered energy, we’re seeing a massive surge in smaller farms that use renewable energy and incorporate ASIC hardware into existing green businesses that use the heat by-product for plants or organisms – it is agriculture is exciting. “

The renowned cryptocurrency Bitcoin rose to a value of 60,000 US dollars in early 2021, which boosted the crypto mining market. However, the boom has been disproportionate on a global scale as China is home to most of the world’s bitcoin mining. Expanding access to crypto mining hardware and services to other countries was inevitably an indispensable motivation for BlokForge’s acquisition of Cryptouniverse.

About BlokForge

BlokForge is a US-based online ASIC mining hardware and services store offering competitive pricing on all types of cryptocurrency mining hardware specializing in ASIC, GPU, coin, hash and related accessories. BlokForge quickly gained ground as a respected online distributor of crypto mining hardware in the United States. Founded in 2017 at the height of Bitcoin’s growing popularity, BlokForge entered the mining industry and was ready to bring the best mining equipment and accessories to the end user. It currently serves countries worldwide.


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