As a powerful software development platform dedicated to building decentralized and blockchain projects, Switcheo Labs proudly announced the launch of a new dedicated NFT marketplace on ZilSwap, the DeFi cluster curated by Zilliqa.

Zilliqa is the first public blockchain network that facilitates sharding in its mainnet and at the same time offers individual retailers and companies high security and transparency standards. The NFT marketplace will be a lucrative treat for all NFT fans, collectors and artists who work in the Zilliqa hub.

The craze for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has risen sharply in recent years as companies from various fields have started to move into the industry. Renowned companies, personalities and brands are showing great interest in the NFT area in order to benefit from its growing popularity. Interestingly, much of the current NFT sector is largely dependent on Ethereum, which leads other companies to struggle for a living. Zilliqa’s team of experts sensed this scarcity in the market and decided to develop a revolutionary NFT marketplace.

To celebrate this partnership, Switcheo Labs and Zilliqa will launch an NFT commemorative collection called “The Bear Market”. The launch shows the long-term relationship between teams. The NFTs are slated to open to the public on September 15, 2021. Zilliqa operates its ecosystem on the native token called ZIL. Those willing to invest in crypto can look for ZIL price prediction on reliable crypto messaging platforms.

For the inexperienced, ZilSwap holds a majority share of DEX customers within the cluster. The partnership between ZilSwap and Switcheo Labs will help them to strengthen their position in the market. This will help Zilliqa attract a wider class of users to remain as the dominant power in the NFT cluster. In the coming period, Zilliqa and Switcheo Labs will introduce a cross-chain link that will allow NFTs on Ethereum to be connected to Zilliqa and vice versa. The teams will work together to make the NFT room more welcoming to new economies and investors.


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