CoinBurp is now trying to implement a plan to expand its NFTs and DeFi network services to a wider audience. To that end, it has partnered with Crypto Prophecies to help its services gain a foothold in the gambling world.

Crypto Prophecies is a DeFi-based crypto price prediction game. Through this partnership, Crypto Prophecies NFTs will only be available through CoinBurp, bringing so many new traders to the platform.

Crypto Prophecies is a peer-to-peer game based on price predictions and operated in the polygon network. His characters and magical in-game items are all NFTs that players use to compete against each other in a mystical world. Players need to get as close to the closing price as possible. This is done by caring for the game characters and unlocking their various powers. The game also has some rare NFT collectibles called Prophets that offer players special weekly and monthly rewards.

CoinBurp believes it can benefit from this interesting format of crypto prophecy. It wants to expand into the crypto-based gaming industry. It chose Crypto Prophecies as its first collaboration because it’s the ideal mix of NFTs and DeFi network services that CoinBurp is interested in.

Crypto Prophecies uses NFT characters and in-game items, and also contributes to its own DeFi gaming community. There is a 3% fee called the Kingdom Fee for every fight between players. 50% of this fee is burned, 40% goes to the daily pool for prizes and the remaining 10% contributes to the gaming economy through a house fee.

As CoinBurp is more closely involved in the growth and expansion process in the gaming sector, more and more retailers will be interested in Coin Burp’s operational strategy. Learn more about it CoinBurp, Read a CoinBurp review.


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