One of the reasons cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity over the years is because trading in them is supposed to be anonymous … but that’s only partially true.

In reality, Bitcoin is actually pretty traceable.

And that’s no different with Ethereum, which is just as detectable and prone to phishing attacks caused by leaky databases as Bitcoin is. If Bitcoin and Ethereum are traceable, leaky databases can also reveal user data and the content of their wallets. It’s a pretty scary thought that your anonymity could be at stake.

The solution to this problem is simple. Mixer. Online services that allow users to confuse any hacker to find out the origin of the funds.

The Bitcoin Mixer (Bitcoin Tumbler) website is a great service if you want to keep your anonymity when shopping online. It can be very useful when you want to make P2P payments and donations. So what is it exactly? How does it work? And do you really need the platform?

Read on for insightful information because whether you’re making online purchases, paying P2P rates, or just buying gifts, the Tumbler will keep you undetectable and secure your own data.

What Can Mixers Do For You?

Bitcoin mixers spin a person’s money through a process that protects anonymity by giving them fresh, alternative bitcoins at the other end.

The focus is on making sure the mixer can obscure the track so that even the best hacker can’t figure out the source. It’s simply the best way to hide your tokens from hackers and third parties.

It’s easy; If you want to protect your coins from hackers, Blenders can help you with that. With the Bitcoin mug you don’t have to worry anymore. is a unique cryptocurrency service that helps reshuffle bitcoins using advanced algorithms that fully secure identity. From now on you can use the stage to mix your Bitcoins, Litecoins and Ethereum coins.

The easy-to-use website allows users to deposit their coins to mix them up for a commission that varies between 2 and 5 percent for each transaction. While this may sound like a lot, it isn’t when you consider the benefits of fully protecting your crypto funds.

Mixing is a fully automated process that works without human intervention. This means that no human error can occur in the privacy enhancement process. It’s reassuring to know does not store your email information or other personal data.

Step-by-step guide on how to use Bitcoin Mixer

  • Stage one: decide which coins you need to shuffle and provide the withdrawal address on the basic page. You have to send your mixed coins to the withdrawal address. Bitcoin Mixer allows you to specify five withdrawal addresses. You can be whatever it is, just use one business address.

  • Step 2: Set your custom time delay. This time tells the framework when to move your mixed coins to the selected wallet.

  • Step 3: Click the “Follow” button which will take you to a subsequent screen. Here you can see the place where you should send your coins.

  • Level 4: Choose the number of bitcoins you need to mix. The base amount that you can mix is ​​0.02 BTC.

  • Stage five: Submit your coins to the location shown. The switching costs will be shown on the screen and you can specify the amount that you will receive.

When you have gone through all five phases, you should just pause. The mixing process is programmed and the arrival time is between 10 minutes and 24 hours. Bitcoin Mixer takes your coins and sends you some new ones in the ideal place. The stage sends the new coins back to you from an irregular Bitcoin address that cannot be tracked.


  • The procedure is completely programmed

  • You don’t have to join to use the administration

  • The commission charged on exchanges is very reasonable

  • Creates confusion on the blockchain

  • No restriction to the largest exchanges


  • Holds data due to insufficient exchange

  • The commission charged is demonstrably not a flat expense

  • Do I really have to mix my coins?

Remain anonymous

Trades are not entirely safe. For example, if you use a wallet to store your bitcoins, it won’t be that difficult for someone to do social engineering or steal your private keys directly. Shuffling your coins will allow you to reach all of the darkness. The procedure deletes any reference to you or your exchanges in the blockchain and makes you completely undetectable.

Get ready for carefree guidelines

Governments around the world are confused and reluctant to regulate cryptocurrencies, and the laws are mind-boggling and in some cases even non-existent. Politicians and lawyers have a hard time understanding the concept of cryptocurrency and the idea of ​​money, let alone how to make it lawful. Too much protection for consumers and investors stifles innovation, and too few laws mean people are ripe to be ripped off by criminals who can easily find out how many bitcoins a potential brand has by social engineering or a cryptocurrency directly -Hack the wallet.

Mixing your coins also allows you government privacy when it comes to your cryptocurrencies.

Deterring hackers

Although it is common knowledge that most blockchain exchanges are well protected, hackers can steal your private key and give them access to steal your cryptocurrency with no recourse or refund.

Stay private

A major weakness of blockchain innovation is that all cryptocurrency transactions are recorded in immutable and open records, which means that with a certain amount of research, sweat, and luck, thieves can sniff out personal information.


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