After partnering with Infinity Pad, Red Kite and even the DAO Makee, Brokoli recently announced a collaboration with Poolz Finance. All Brokoli partnerships to date have been with the best in the business.

Poolz Finance will now offer its front-end API integration for all projects that are incubated and started directly on the Poolz Launchpad. The Poolz launchpad is built on top of the Web 3.0 infrastructure. It is a decentralized cross-chain IDO platform that enables new crypto projects to raise funds prior to listing. With this new partnership between Poolz and Brokoli, the market disruptors that will launch on the Poolz Launchpad will be able to offset their carbon footprint and become more climate positive. This will further help broccoli generate more income.

The increased revenue broccoli generates from this partnership will eventually be used to incentivize $ BRKL owners in many different ways. Holders will receive an improved number of Burns tokens and a larger amount of BRKL will be repurchased from the market. When owners participate in governance, airdrops are provided from revenue from climate fees.

The broccoli ecosystem will also benefit from this collaboration in many ways. This will go a long way in attracting more clients to the 1-Click API. It will improve broccoli’s early stage exposure to crypto startups. The biggest benefit is that the transactions of the companies in the Poolz portfolio turn green.

This partnership between Poolz and Brokoli, the front-end API integration through Brokoli, will help them to offer improved climate solutions from a single source to the projects to be started on the Poolz Launchpad platform. The potential projects will have easy access to climate protection projects like tree planting, e-waste recycling, renewable energy products and much more.

Poolz Funding is a network based on the Web 3.0 infrastructure and is a decentralized cross-chain IDO platform known for helping new and old crypto projects raise funds even before they are listed. The broccoli network is like an NFT metaverse that believes in effects to make money; Make money through climate impacts. DeFi transactions plant NFT trees on broccoli. This NFT tree is a tradable asset to hold that also generates some passive income. Users can complete daily quests and receive NFTs based on the trees they funded. This collaboration is expected as a project with a greater impact on the environment and the crypto market in the long term.


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