Bitcoin’s brother Litecoin turned 10 on October 13, 2021. Before the Decade celebrations, Altcoin overtook Ethereum for only the third time this year in terms of address activity. With no NFTs and no DeFi based on Litecoin’s on-chain report, Ethereum threatens in many ways. Let’s dive and discover in detail!

Litecoin dominates Ethereum!

With bears entering the market in the past two days, the Ethereum price and Litecoin price drop 1.44% and 2.43%, respectively. Both are currently looking for strong areas of support. Bitcoin’s brother could see a great rebound in the near future.

In addition, is the popular crypto analyst Lark Davis Transfer of on-chain data from Mood, a On-chain measurement platform. Stressed that Litecoin could continue this momentum over the long term. Meanwhile, metrics from the platform showed that Ethereum’s on-chain activity is under massive pressure, which appears to be due to high fees and slow transaction speeds. And for the third year in a row, Litecoin flipped this popular DeFi asset by apparently recording 600,000 active addresses every day.

Litecoin Price Could Soar To $ 600 In Q4!

Litecoin price is currently experiencing a healthy correction from $ 165.7 and with a number of active addresses making new highs, the altcoin could skyrocket soon. Red candles have been expanding in the past two days, suggesting a strong one Selling pressure. As buyers prepare to buy the altcoins that will outperform sellers in the future, it could easily be the crucial resistance level of. exceed $ 181.5. In addition, the asset is expected to be over $ 200.

Litecoin, according to one of the most popular crypto enthusiasts Rich father is expected to beat previous ATH and could hit $ 600 until the end of the year. With the asset on the verge of its decade-long celebrations, it could bring more revolutionary upgrades and could hit new milestones in the fourth quarter as well.

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